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Laravel vs Magento: Which one will You Choose for eCommerce Website?

Olivia Smith
Software Engineer
・5 min read

The E-commerce business has been growing like anything with every passing day. And the on-going pandemic has actually given a boost to these businesses as the ones who were not using the e-commerce websites earlier are now compelled to use it and they have started using it on a regular basis.

An e-commerce platform actually provides a platform for limitless opportunities and that is why many business firms are looking to switch over it. But one needs to be very cautious while stepping into the further process of developing e-commerce websites for their business. Many firms opt for the ready-made ecommerce packages and some Hire a Dedicated Developers in order to start the things at the earliest which later on starts getting complex due to the nature of e-commerce business.

Usually, when business firms approach the IT companies, then they give ideas about different frameworks for e-commerce solutions like Magento, Shopify, Volusion etc., which provides easy e-commerce solutions to many online businesses. But the best way is to get your e-commerce app designed as per the requirement as every business is unique in different terms. Here, they have the flexibility to add on the premium features to your app to suit the specific requirements and get the intended result. Laravel Development company can give you the best solution for developing the e-commerce apps as Laravel is one of the best solutions for the same.


In the context of the software development process, Framework refers to libraries of different source files which can interact with each other, and essential utilities are embedded into it. So, one does not need to waste their time in developing the subject functions again and again. Most of the functionalities of the frameworks are pre-built and include the majority of things required by the developers to build the application. Thus, the companies try to hire a Magento developer to get the best result.

Developing an e-commerce website is a complicated task in itself as it should be well versed with the latest technological upgrades. Magento and Laravel are the two most popular frameworks for developing e-commerce platforms.

Magento is quite an old and matured platform to build e-commerce solutions, and more than lakh e-commerce apps are developed on Magento only. Thus, it is quite rich in the experience and problem-solving ability. On the other hand, Laravel was introduced in 2011 and was redesigned in 2013. Its demand has been growing exponentially as it is accustomed to the latest technological innovations in the field. But this is the reason that there is a shortage of Laravel developers and companies look for Magento Developers for hire.


When there is more than one option available to choose from, then all the options should be compared and evaluated on the basis of certain parameters and the checklist. Looking at the different aspects of both the frameworks can help to reach a decision as per the requirement of the business. Below mentioned are those parameters:

1) Availability of Expert Developers

As Magento is one of the oldest and mature platforms for PHP, the number of Magneto developers exceeds that of Laravel developers. But Laravel is comparatively new, so it is still evolving and has a comparatively lower number of developers. Thus, in Magento, one can highly get experienced developers and that too at an economic cost but in Laravel there is shortage of the experienced developers and so they are even costly.

Also, any PHP developer with experience in the MVC platform can be easily trained for Laravel as it is also MVC based, thus, one can get an economic specialist for their company.

2)Technology Record

Magento is old and has enjoyed the status of one of the best frameworks for e-commerce solutions at least at the time of its launch and then for over a decade because of its various tools, plugins and features offered by them. There was a time when it was downloaded over 2.5 million times which itself shows its popularity.

But recently Laravel has come up as one of the best alternatives and is being highly accepted by the developers from all across the world. As it is highly scalable, technologically more advanced, easy to maintain, it has placed itself as one of the best PHP frameworks available in the market.

So, Magento is above Laravel if one is looking for experience and rapport. But if one is looking for the cutting-edge technology in the framework, Laravel of course has a wider search volume over Magento.

3) Open-source Platform

If we talk about free availability of the frameworks then both, Magento and Laravel are open source and free. But Magento is now owned by eBay and Laravel is a free platform which enables the entrepreneurs in the digital industry to build and design their respective applications in a customized manner, but expertise is still required.

Now, being an open-source platform, it gets exposed to the security risks as hackers can easily attack these applications.

4) Issues in Coding due to Complexity

As Magento was developed way back, it has undergone many changes, alterations, corrections, upgradation etc. which have made its code quite complex. This has made the framework quite sluggish and also as the codes get complex, the process of debugging and troubleshooting gets difficult. Thus, despite having multiple benefits, these are overcome by the shadow of complex coding issues.

Whereas Laravel follows PHP based syntax with ORM coding which means Object relational Mapping which makes it easier to operate the database and so it is comparatively more preferred framework in the industry.

5) Support from Community

As Magento is one of the oldest PHP based platforms, it has a huge community of developers. So, in case if any of the developers get stuck in coding then there are a number of developers to provide help and guidance for this platform, and they are easily accessible as well. But in the case of Laravel, as it is new, it does not have that strong community base of the developers. Many people are still learning Laravel, and the number of expert leaders are really less in this community.

6) SEO Friendliness

As Laravel is more responsive and adaptive in making the websites which are SEO friendly, thus it becomes easy for the digital marketing team to optimize the SEO of Laravel developed sites quite easily.

7) Ease of Use

Debugging and troubleshooting are two primary activities that a developer needs to conduct regularly once the web or mobile app is developed. Magento requires constant debugging which makes it quite difficult for the developers to rely upon it. While in Laravel, the base structure is quite detectable and is easy to interpret the same. Thus, Laravel leads here over Magento.


The above parameters clearly declares that Laravel is superior to Magento in many ways, but one cannot ignore Magento as it has a long-run reputation, a greater number of developers, and a wide community to support. Majorly the Magento suffers due its complex and slow-moving codes. On the other hand, Laravel is making its way in the market and will soon be accepted by a wider base of audience. Ultimately, which framework to go ahead with, to develop e-commerce solutions depends on the nature and requirement of the business as well as on the budget of the company. So, the business owners should make a wise decision and go with a stable product which helps them yield profit.

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