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Full ES2022 Cheatsheet!

PDF version here(High Quality):



private fields

top level await

error cause

error cause example output

regex match indices

static fields and methods

class static init blocks

brand checks for private fields


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Calin Baenen • Edited

Like Fredy Sandoval suggested, this should have been in text format.
But not just for SEO, but because it also helps folks like me who have a hard time seeing. I already keep my eyes close to my computer. I don't wanna burn a hole through them now.

omardulaimi profile image
Omar Dulaimi

I have linked the high quality PDF version at the top on LinkedIn. You can zoom in as much as you like.

dnaicker profile image

First and foremost wonderful article!

Thank you for making it.

The images are great and found them useful when consuming on mobile.

Either way the effort gone into the article is appreciated :)

omardulaimi profile image
Omar Dulaimi

Awesome to hear!
Hopefully you will like my other posts as well :)

fredysandoval profile image
Fredy Sandoval

Consider text instead of images for search engines to find it (seo), this type of images will work best in instagram, I guess.

good post.

jacksonkasi profile image
Jackson Kasi

thanks. you just make me updated version 🤘

omardulaimi profile image
Omar Dulaimi

Glad you liked it.