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#027 Kubernetes Architecture


this is part 27 from the journey it's a long journey(360 day) so go please check previous parts , and if you need to walk in the journey with me please make sure to follow because I may post more than once in 1 Day but surely I will post daily at least one 😍.

And I will cover lot of tools as we move on.

Kubernetes Architecture

. Nodes

A node represent a server contain several container , Also we can call it Worker. It contain a Kubernetes orchestrator than manage those containers.

. Cluster

A Cluster is collection of nodes and masters.

. Master
Master also called manager in other tools , He manage those nodes . He keep tracking and monitoring and distribute work on those nodes.
Master can be both worker and manager in same time.
We can also have many masters so if one stop other do the management.

How does Kubernets work?


. etcd is a Database who store all the information about the nodes and workload in the nodes.
. I can access master using REST API also with the help of kubectl command . I can say to master I need 3 replication of this container , so he go and check what nodes are available at this moment and what is the workload on every node , And where I should distribute those replication to a cluster.


Those are not the full architecture , it's the basics there a lot of other things like controller , services . We will talk about them later.

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