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#049 Kubernetes - namespaces 2



this is part 49 from the journey it's a long journey(360 day) so go please check previous parts , and if you need to walk in the journey with me please make sure to follow because I may post more than once in 1 Day but surely I will post daily at least one 😍.

And I will cover lot of tools as we move on.

Use case

let's talk about real world scenario about using namespaces , as we said the namespace is an logical separator actually we use it a lot in containerization in Docker , because every container have his own namespace and his totally separated from other.


On the right we have Development team , In the middle is version controlling system like GitHub , Dev Int Prod are 3 branches in GitHub , Dev stand for development branch , Int is the integration phase or also called staging phase where you test if all the components that in Dev fit inside you project or not , then prod(production) AKA master branch where this branch is going to be shipped to users.
On The left it's the Cluster , we divide the cluster to 3 parts same as GitHub , Every stage of will be linked to it's own sub-cluster that has his own namespace.
You can automate this transition between GitHub and cluster , and this is the job of the DevOps team , to automate this job so when we done it's automatically got updated in cluster.

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