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I have been learning Reactjs for the past few months. During that time I have gone through the react documentation, read articles, watched youtube videos and did a Udemy course - basically some the things beginners do. Although I have experience in web development mainly in Django, Python, and JavaScript(JQuery). After all this, I have decided to work on my own project to further improve my skills.

I chose to make An expense tracker built using MongoDB, Expressjs, React, and Nodejs - MERN stack. It will have user authentication, CRUD, I will include analytics with charts, filtering based on days, weeks, etc. I will also make the admin dashboard and Automatic testing.

The question is, would this be considered a small or medium-sized portfolio project.

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It's a cool project to work on. I would consider this a medium-sized project with the potential of it becoming something bigger. The potential lies in how far you're willing going to make sense of the data you collect, and how you collect the data. If you can figure out a way to make the entire process automatic, probably add in a budgeting system, a simple recommendation engine that suggests budget cuts, etc, you have a full blown product! :)


Nice suggestions, I can see how they will fit in.


Hi, this is a full stack project that you described, and it's more then what one might get a change at a job to work on (i mean, through the entire flow of a product) so my opinion that this is a serious project. Very cool :)

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