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Build on Flow | Learn FCL - 11. How to Install and Create a New Testnet Account with Lillico


Similar to Blocto Wallet we’ve covered last time, Lilico is another wallet, which lets you create account for Mainnet and Testnet. So this post will teach you how to:

Let’s start! 💪

Step 1 - Installation

Go to the Chrome Web Store and install Lilico -

Step 2 - Setup

Click on extension icon in top right corner of the browser panel and go through a step-by-step process.

  • Pick your username

Lilico - Pick Username

  • Copy and save your recovery phrase. This one is really-really important if you intend to use this wallet not only for development, but as your primary mean of signing transactions

Lilico - Recovery Phrase

  • Create password - it will be used to unlock your wallet before using it.

Lilico - Create Password

  • (Optional) Create Google Drive backup, so you can restore the wallet in the future if you forget your password

Lilico - Google Drive Backup

  • 🎉 Congratulations! Now you have Lilico Wallet in your browser and ready to sign some transactions 😁

Lilico - Congratulations

You can see your address in the top part of the window.

Before we continue, let’s click on that gear icon (bottom panel, the one on the right) and click Developer Mode

Lilico - Developer Mode

This will allow you to enable Developer Mode and switch network to Testnet (which we will use to mitigate the damages we can inflict😅)

Lilico - Testnet

Notice that your address on Testnet changed as well.

That’s it! Now your Lilico Wallet is properly set up and ready for action 🙂

Until next time! 👋


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