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ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition: version 7.3 released

The latest version of ONLYOFFICE Docs for developers is already available with lots of new features.

Form creator

Roles in forms

  • Recipient roles for field filling (visual highlighting)
  • New fields: Date&Time, ZIP code, credit card

In all editors


  • Inserting SmartArt elements
  • Rotation settings for 3D charts
  • Presets for inserting horizontal/vertical text boxes
  • Show/hide left and right panels in the View tab
  • Dictionaries for Uzbek language (both Cyrillic and Latin)

Document editor

Password protection

  • Support for Unicode and LaTeX equations
  • Password protection with limiting access rights
  • Document statistics in the status bar

Spreadsheet editor

Watch Window

  • Watch Window
  • 13 new formulas including TEXTSPLIT, VSTACK, WRAPCOLS, etc.
  • Data import from local XML files

Presentation editor

Paste Special

  • Paste Special for inserting slides (destination theme, source formatting, picture)
  • Quick access to guides/gridlines, Smart Guides settings

You can explore the most important updates from version 7.3 in the official blog / live event recording.

Useful links

Full changelog on GitHub

ONLYOFFICE Docs for developers


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