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How to resolve import for the .graphql file with typescript and webpack

Hi, I’m Mohsen ZareZardeyni, and I’m a software engineer at Sigma Telecom LLC.

At Sigma, for developing our back office application, we decided to use GraphQL, Typescript and Apollo server. We choose Schema first approach and stored our schema in separate .graphql files. In order to import our schema within our Typescript code, we ended up using Webpack as our transpiler.

As I was looking for a way to do so, I didn’t find any good tutorial on this matter so I’m providing this tutorial for future researchers!🤠

First, you need to add the following configuration to your tsconfig.json. This will tell Typescript to use the src/@types folder in addition to node_modules/@types in order to identify your types.

Then you need to introduce .graphql files to Typescript. In order to do this, you need to create a graphql.d.ts in your src/@types folder. The following code will tell typescript every time it sees an imported file with the .graphql extension, it will provide a GraphQL DocumentNode, which is the type you need to provide for your GraphQL Schema.

In our case, we used apollo-server from Apollo Foundation, but any other GraphQL server library uses the same pattern. With previous steps, the following code will let you import your .graphql files without any typing issue.

Finally, the last step is to tell webpack how to treat .graphql imports. The following code will tell webpack every time it sees a .graphql file, it should use graphql-tag/loader in order to load the content.

Hope this helps you:)

Also, you can find me on linkedin and twitter.

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Lewis Llobera

What advantages has using .graphql extension?

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Michael Monerau

Taken from the docs:

It comes with a loader easy to setup and with some benefits:

  1. Do not process GraphQL ASTs on client-side
  2. Enable queries to be separated from logic
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Pavel Ravits

This link is about wepback with client

Thread Thread
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Michael Monerau

Ah right, didn't pay attention since I use it client-side. So only second point might apply in a server environment.

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Michael Monerau

Thanks, clear & concise!

Also had to add "allowSyntheticDefaultImports": true to my tsconfig.json.

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Akshay Kadam (A2K)

Hey, nice tutorial. FYI, your first 2 gists should be interchanged. tsconfig.json should be first & graphql.d.ts should be second :)

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Mohsen ZareZardeyni


captain_keon profile image

Thanks for the tutorial, this helped me import graphql files to use with apollo server :)

romhayh profile image

I tried it, and it worked, but in vscode i do not get the benefit of auto import of the gql files. When i try to use the query file, i have no auto complete for it.