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Släpp - autogenerated changelogs for your git repository

orangin_around profile image Maxim Semenov ・1 min read

Hello, devs :)

Let me introduce you a small cli-tool that I have been working on lately - Släpp (Github|PyPi)


Släpp iterates through your commit history, grabs messages with changelogs and write them into file. It automatically creates tag, depending on type of your release (is it major, minor or just a patch) and pushes tags and edited CHANGELOG to your repo.
Soon there will be a feature to generate random names for your releases, based on user-defined dictionary.

Släpp is available as python package:
pip install slapp

Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions for improvement ;)

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barelyhuman profile image

Greate work!
I've got a similar tool

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