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Let people own a subset of your repo

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The Action: code-owner-self-merge

Using the CODEOWNERS format (a set of globs, then a set of GitHub usernames) you can define areas in a codebase which gives people the right to merge PRs which just affect their spaces.

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GitHub logo orta / code-owner-self-merge

A GitHub Action for letting CODEOWNERS merge PRs via green PR reviews

A GitHub action that lets code-owners merge PRs via a comment.

This action uses the standardized structure of a CODEOWNERS file to handle the access controls.

A simple example

So, with this file at: .github/CODEOWNERS: @orta

If a PR contained only a change to the - this action would say that "@orta has the ability to merge by commenting 'LGTM'".

Then, when/if this happens the GitHub Action will merge for you.

A real-world example


# Collaborators for Japanese Translation of the Website
packages/playground-examples/copy/ja/** @sasurau4
 @Takepepe @orta

packages/tsconfig-reference/copy/ja/** @sasurau4
 @Takepepe @orta

packages/typescriptlang-org/src/copy/ja/** @sasurau4
 @Takepepe @orta

packages/documentation/copy/ja/** @sasurau4
 @Takepepe @orta

This allows any of @sasurau4, @Quramy, @Naturalclar, @Takepepe or @orta to merge PRs which affect their areas of the translation process in the TypeScript Website repo.

Setting It Up

You want a…

name: Codeowners merging
  issue_comment: { types: created }

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

    - uses: actions/checkout@v1
    - name: Run Codeowners merge check
        GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
      uses:  orta/code-owner-self-merge@v1

Additional Resources / Info

This is being used in the new TypeScript Website, to give translators access to merge PRs to their language:

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Waylon Walker

Wow, that is a fascinating action.