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Reviewing popular NPM packages

Reviewing popular open source packages

Do you know any websites, that review popular open source packages?

If not, would you like to join me doing it?

My proposition of review template:

Informative part

1) The problem, that the npm package solves
2) Abstract description of techniques used to solve the problem
3) Alternative approaches, that could be possibly taken

Results part

1) TESTS - Test coverage for the logic.
2) CLEAN - Size of the functions, naming conventions, files structure, separation of concerns.
3) CRAFT - Single responsibility, Open-Closed, YAGNI, DRY.

I think with the amount of NPM packages we use in daily basis, our power would improve significantly if we could better understand them and incentive authors to keep the highest quality.

Let me know your thoughts.

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Seems to be a good idea !