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A brief experience of coding for a week

Hey fellow seniors and coders!
How are you people doing?
I will start by saying what an amazing yet demotivating thing it is to learn developing sites. So some of you may have read my ongoing series where I said I will bring regular blogs. Which of course I didn't do. Let me tell you something, first of all, it's hard to write a blog man. It takes time. Time which is important for self-trainee such as me. Secondly, I failed even reach to 100 people by my blogs. As I have told before, I want a community of beginners working together so that they can grow to learn from each other. But seems like I am the only beginner here. Guys before saying anything else I would love to thank all the people who have helped without even knowing me not just in but in other platforms. What an amazing community I am a part of!

Now about that experience of mine, I started learning programming hoping to become a freelancer. My first language was Html which I kind of understand mostly. And it was easy, to be honest. I had some experience with Html beforehand so I did learn it quickly. But the language that comes next isn't easy to master quickly. This has to be the most interesting and super boring topic of my learning to develop journey. I guess many of you already guessed the language or the stylesheet whatever you like to call it. Yes, it's CSS. It's not so difficult to understand to be fair. But the designing and some unwanted commands may bring the beast inside you to roar. I felt it too many times and still feeling it. I haven't even been able to cover the basics yet. I try to give at least more than 5 hours a day. It takes time in understanding and imitating. But the harder it gets the intriguing it is. I may be a short-timer, but I am in love with developing. I get challenged in a new way every day by some small mistakes and codes, Which I really enjoy solving. Thanks for reading through all of this.

Let me know if you have any suggestion for me to get better at developing. If you liked it stay tuned to get more blogs like this. Anyway thanks to everybody for helping a newbie grow. Much respect.BYE.

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Thomas Bnt

Tip: If you want people to read your post, you need to keep your text in order. Too compressed it doesn't make you want to read it, so put markdown and space !

Make your text breathe ! 😎

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Thanks for your feedback. I was in hurry while writing this blog. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will try my best next time. Thank you.