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Learn With Me 2

Hello everyone!
I hope all of you are doing fine.If you saw the title you already know that there is a 1st part to this series,as I like to call it.Well this is a continuation of the last post.So if you haven't checked it yet.Be sure to give it a try.

Now coming back to the main topic.As I said before,I am going to cover my journey from being a beginner to a professional coder.And if you have read the 1st post then you know that I started my journey last week.That is why I am posting a second post in the same day,to let you people know, What I did in the last week.And if anybody is interested we may discuss as well about the topic

So the topic was html.I finished most of html.Mind it,I said html.There are other extension which I am currently studying and learning e.g.CSS,Java-script and others.So why html?why not any other language?.To be honest,I didn’t think of that in that way before.I was just following an youtuber's playlist and he uploaded html first.That is why I begun with html.I am glad that he did that.Because my intuition are telling me this is the right way to start.

So then how did I learn it?how much did I finish?What's my current skill level!I would say I finished most of the html.I started by watching youtube videos.Then went onto practice the thing that I see in video in real time and I pretty much remember most of it.My skill level?I would say it’s somewhere between 80-90% considering only html.I know most of the tags and attributes,and if I forget any I know what to search and what to take from the results.

How was my experience learning html?.See,I am a beginner so as of yet I don't have a vast knowledge.But from what I have seen html is comparatively short and easy to learn compare to other languages which takes weeks to even digest.So if anybody wants to start coding,I would highly recommend start with html then move onto css,java-script and other languages.

What are my weaknesses in html?
Well,I dont have any weaknesses I guess.But I was unable to use iframe properly.That's one thing I always wanted to get right.But there seems to be no right materials for the problem I have been facing with this tag.

So this is it.This is an overview of the knowledge I gathered from html.What I learned I am ready to share with anyone who is interested. Please let me know if you would like to discuss.

Now my next blog is going to be on css.I may give one before I complete it and give another after I finish it.Or may be I will finish it all and post a blog altogether.

Stay tune to be a part of my experience and building a community to help all the beginners out there.

I appreciate you reading the blog till the end Thank you

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