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Learn With Me 3

Hey developers.How are you feeling today?So this is the 3rd part of my

Learn with me

In my 2nd blog I said I would talk about CSS today.But thinking about it and reading the 2nd blog again I didn't saw any html topic to be discussed in my post.So I wanted to discuss html topics,what aspect of html you should care more about and also some tips to learn html.

Ok now,a quick overview on html.html isn’t vastly spread all over the place.It is a very small and sorted markup language.So its easy to read it all.Whoever is trying to master html should remember explicitly that html cannot do everything on its own.So he/she better be ready to learn the extension for doing anything with html.The extensions are not that hard to learn but its not that easy too.It's like the English language(For people who are not native English speaker)They have to learn it.Its not easy at first.But once you get hold of it,It's easy to get around or may be not.Because I have only been exposed to CSS.But it's fine I will let you people know about it once I cover all the extensions.

About the extensions I will list some of the important ones that I think is important:

  • css
  • java-script
  • bootstrap

Before moving on to the next topic I would love to tell you about this movement that was started sometime ago.And its a big movement for new coders.Its called the #100dayschallenge.So what happens is you basically code for 100 days consistently for at least an hour.I joined it yesterday.You can join it if you want.Just tweet once by saying I start the #100dayschallenge.Here is the link:

Now about the topics you should give more attention.First of all there aren't many topics so its easy to remember all.But what happened with me is that I started css and now I keep forgetting some important things like combining a link from html.That is why you should learn how to link an url with any button or image or word and practice it.And other tags and small things are easy to remember or you can google it when you need.But you always need to remember the process how to make a form,table,link an image/word/button.Also learn about how to link an email in a form(so that the admin gets the message).That is something I forgot too.

Now about learning html.Actually you dont have to do much.You just have to be consistent enough to take all the demotivation in and kick it out.For getting materials just search in youtube learn html and filter it to playlist.You will see 100s of playlist.If you need written document I would suggest
So this is all about html that I learned and from where I learned.Hope it helps you guys.I will give a blog after I finish CSS.It will take some time.May be a week or more no idea.If I can,I will give another blog in the meanwhile.

Thanks for reading till the end

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