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Learn with me

This is a post for the people who are new and trying to learn codes

So my name is Osman Goni.I am a wannabe freelancer.Its has been already around a week since I started to learn.I will start telling from first to not make you out of the place with my story.

I wanted to be a freelancer recently.So obviously I downloaded upwork,fiverr and freelancer and started bidding on projects about web developing and anything that I thought I can do without having zero experience and in some cases zero knowledge about doing this sort of work.Every time I bid, I thought this is the moment when I am going to be glorified with my first job.Then I kept on bidding and bidding and bidding.Finally gave up.

I did the same things several time before also.But this time it was different.I was determined this time.After researching and watching some videos online,I understood its not that easy to be a web developer in the freelancing sector.Then I started studying.Now I was introduced to front-end and back-end web development.And I was interested genuinely.Now I am learning.

Now you may think,Why do you guys need to know all of this about me and my failures.Because I want to create a community.A community of people who are new and have very low idea about what coding really is.So if you are new and if you have no background of coding whatsoever.Then let's start together.

Basically,I will cover my journey by giving posts regularly or a day after another.And everyone who wants to learn and talk code can discuss.Consequently we will all grow together and help each other to grow.

Make sure you stay updated with my posts.

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