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Package Javascript, CSS Rules, and HTML Fragments as Reusable, Autonomous Components

Today's web developers share CSS rules, javascript, and HTML pages as separated files, What if we can share them as objects at finer granularity?

Imaging using a div to wrap only the video, audio, images, 2D drawings, 3D objects, shaders, animations, poses, Sqlite database, WebSocket, WebRTC, Webassembly, HTML fragments, CSS rules, and javascripts that it needs to create a smart and autonomous software objects... And building web apps is transformed to merely assembling selected few from a repository of said software objects.

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Such architecture allows web semantics to be included with objects...along with its graphical user interface which often consumes the most Internet bandwidth. When combined with a Content Distribution Network (CDN), these objects can live on the EDGE and sent to the consumers at moment's notice and save enormous amount of server bandwidth.

Using AI, these objects can also serve as a foundation for smart software agents - software that are automatically generated to complete a specific task.

Watch a tutorial to see the tip of iceberg of what's possible.

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