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What annoys you the most about the Web?

I would love to hear your thoughts about things that annoy you the most around the Web platform.

Personally, these are some of the few things that keep getting on my nerves:

1) Frameworks

The fact that most jobs look for experience and "strong" skills in React or Angular. It annoys me that companies don't seem to understand that some developers simply use the vanilla approach.

2) Quality

There can be a big misconception between the quality of one website from the other. It annoys me that there is no easy way to know the quality, security, and user-privacy policies of the websites I'm using. For me, HTTPS just won't cut it.

3) Titles

It seems to me that everyone is becoming a CEO or a founder lately. There's no way of distinguishing the legitimacy of people and their work.

Please share with us, which are some of the main pain points you face when working on web development?

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mehprog profile image

Thank you for this awesome article..
This is my opinions
-In web development there is a lot of new technologies and every day you need to learn something new to be top in your field.
-In web development there is a lot of good and great developpers and you can't be top if you don't have a great skill and creative and also working so hard because it is so competitive field
-So much frameworks and libraries and languages... if you are new in web development it will be hard to decide which one you will learn