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Web Designer vs Web Developer

Many times the roles of a Web Designer and a Web Developer are often confused when this is focused on Frontend Development. Although these roles are very similar for organizations, each one has its particularities.

A Web Designer only designs in the strictest sense of the word. He doesn’t need any other tools besides HTML, CSS, SASS/LESS and CSS Frameworks and of course an intuitive sense of creativity as well.

The Web Designer works with the image of a website, its spaces, the shape of the elements that make up a website according to the concept that you want to manage for the client. All this is what makes up the Digital Identity of a website.

However, the Web Designer does not need to know programming languages such as Javascript or PHP, or generate functions or solve problems. In a strict sense he manages the image of a website through design. That’s all.

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On the other hand, it is important to define very well the role of a web developer when he focuses on frontend development.

Once you have the design. The Frontend developer can build this website following the template of the web designer.

The Web Developer can use tools in common with the Web Designer such as HTML, CSS, SASS/LESS, and CSS Frameworks, among which are:
Bootstrap, Pure and Bulma.

However, the Frontend Developer differs from the web designer in building or generating functions, requiring the use of programming languages such as Javascript or PHP for the use of animations, banners and modals that require a dynamic and not static website.

Many times the Front End Developer must solve problems and conflicts and generate solutions depending on the interests and needs of the services required by the client.
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Md shakib ahmed

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Andrew Baisden

Web Designers are more design oriented and usually have a design background. They tend to know design tools well from the Adobe suite and the use HTML and CSS the most. A Web Developer on the other hand is more of a programmer and can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Similarly they are more proficient with developer tools like using the console in the browser etc...