💡 What shell are you using in Windows? 💡

pablohs1986 profile image Pablo Herrero ・1 min read

It’s simple: I am trying and searching, but I’m not founding and I continue with Git Bash in Windows Terminal. What shell do you use in Windows? Which do you advise me?


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I too used git bash before. But recently started using Ubuntu WSL


And how are you doing with WSL? I've tried it, but it seems a bit strange to me, Git in WSL detects the files of the repositories as pending to be added, when in Git Bash they are already added ... on the other hand, would I have to open all my projects from WSL ??? It’s clear that if you want to have a Bash in Windows, WSL is the best option, but maybe I haven't found the configuration ... if it's not annoying, how do you use it?


Hi Pablo,
I haven't come across your problem before, atleast not untill now. I actually work mostly in Rails. And, sometimes, I need different rails and ruby versions for different applications.
Yes, as you said, I initialize my project from WSL. Use rvm, bundler etc, everything there. So, other than something to do with rails /ruby, I am unsure as to properly configure it. But, haven't tried out git in WSL. I would try the scenario you mentioned to see if it occurs to me as well.

great!! let me know, please!


I don't know much about it but I use Cmder(cmder.net/) which supports basic Linux command emulated. For proper Linux terminal experience ubuntu.com/wsl


I use Cmder in the new Windows Terminal.