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Pablo Hernández Castillo
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Calm down your productivity

Hi everyone! 👋🏻
Today I'm going to make an advice and a little bit of my opinion about one thing that all or the majority of the devs feel one day.

In all my journey as a dev I have moments when my motivation is above 9000% and others when is less than -100%. I started asking me why this happened.
Everyone of us is know that in the dev world, we can experience burnout and this issue can reduce our motivation in our work. One of my favorite dev youtubers (Mayuko) make a video about this, and why she needs to take more time to rest of coding, so many times in my dev life I hear this a lot, project managers and analysts talking about they don't want to code all his life and that's one of the reasons because they're there. While I have a lot to learn, sometimes I think if coding is going to be my future, and don't misunderstand me, there isn't another thing that I love more than desing and coding from nothing, for me is like an artistic feel, but the burnout it shows frequently.

¡Hey! 🛑STOP, do not be discouraged (this going more to the begginers devs). I think when we learn a new thing most of us, feels like is level up, we need to take care of our health, in all the aspects, both physical and mental, we need to rest to be able to continue with our task, if we didn't take care of this, the burnout it will show easily. I can say that is like make physical exercise, is recommended make 3 to 5 days of exercise per week, our muscles need rest, for example, if we make exercise 7 days per week without taking a rest they will give up. Happend exactly the same with the burnout with our work, if we didn'ttake the enough rest, all of your motivation will disappear.

I'm going to tell you about a little story (who doesn't like stories 😁)
While I was in my first years of my major, one teacher saw my excitement for learning, one day she said if we can talk, first of all she congratulate for my excitement, but after that she start talking me about the burnout and how it can happen if I didn't care the other aspects of my life, she told me to be more calm to learn, I take his advice and start to analize better the things that I was learn. I wonder know what can be happend if i didnt take his advice, maybe I will get tired of developing.

So my advice to all of the beginner devs or devs who is starting to work on this, is you need to calm down your excitement to learn new things, everyone of us learns in a different way and rate. I know is a lot of competence out there, but the world always will need a dev.

Keep Coding. 🤓

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Nikolay Artamonov

Development only for development looks like playing boring games (for eg. Dota) without reason. You need to do many different activities to your brains be healthy. Let's go jogging for weekends better, it'll be fun)

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Taking time away from code is so important! Humans aren't meant to only talk to our computers 😛