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A CodeNewbie on Hacktoberfest

It's October 21, so you probably know what is Hacktoberfest, even if you are a newbie.
But just in case, here is the short:
Hacktoberfest it a month when all devs come together to contribute 4 PRs to Open Source projects to get a free T-shirt lol

Anyways, so I got 2 PRs in and was struggling to find good projects then Yesterday I started a #discuss here asking for help, so this post is based on the answer I got there and my experience so far, and I hope it can help other beginners on my position.

First. I had no idea but I learned that PR's on your own projects count, yey.

Second. You can always go on GitHub and search for good-first-bugs and sort by language, but I felt overwhelmed doing that, so I personally don't recommend it.

Third. Go check projects that you thing are cool and that maybe you would like to work with beyond Hacktoberfest.

So basically what I am doing is, contributing to 2 projects I would like to work with in the future, one with a small JS enhancement and the other with a little HTML change. My last 2 probably will be some update on some of My repos on gitHub, since I have lots of those lol
Fell free to start a issue on my very simple but cool Harry Potter app

Hope this post can be of help to some,
now let me go back to those PR's.

Have a good week you all!


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Jacqueline Binya • Edited

Nice read as always, please update us on your Outreachy application.
Looking forward to learning more about that.
Let me check out your project and see what I can contribute.

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Pachi ๐Ÿฅ‘

Thank you Jacqueline! I am almost done with my Outreachy project, just need my mentor to review it! Super anxious haha

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Tori Crawford • Edited

Ron Weasley saying "wicked"

Your Harry Potter app is so simple and yet so neat!!!

Good luck with your final 2 PR's. You've got this!

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Pachi ๐Ÿฅ‘

Thank you ๐Ÿ˜