Restaurants with vegetarian options in USA

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Some months ago, I found this Kaggle's Dataset with restaurants that serve vegetarian and vegan food in the US. I thought I could do something interesting with it.

I've been procrastinating it until last week when I proposed myself that I would use it to learn how to implement a web interactive map.

At first, I plot the data with Plotly to see how it works. It was interesting, but it didn't work as good as I thought, because the dataset is really large.

Then I thought, why not using a JavaScript library and then use it with HTML and CSS for creating a webpage? That's how I found LeafletJS which is an amazing library for plotting geolocation data in a map.

Since the dataset is quite large, I've also used a plugin for LeafletJS that is called MarkerClusterer which cluster the points based in their proximity.

The result could be checked here and all the code could be found in the Github repository.

I hope this could help someone!

Happy coding :)


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Francisco Carrillo Pérez


I'm a computer science graduated student in the University of Granada, Spain. I'm interested in the Machine Learning and Data Mining field, specifically in the new advances in Deep Learning.


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As a vegan always trying to eat with friends who are not, thank you!


You're welcome! I wish I had the same dataset but for Spain since I'm vegetarian haha


Hey (sorry) Francisco, love it ;). You should go for density extrusions in GL JS - blog.mapbox.com/dive-into-large-da....


Thank you very much! I would check it out