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Diary - React Native TESTING !@#?

Well, this will be random.

I am currently trying to add Jest to my one-year-old mobile apps. It has been developed and improves constantly and now to a point where I want to have solid testing in my skill set.

I was trying an automated test with Detox then I hit the problem that it is so difficult to solve the problems.

  • I can't tap on system permission popup on IOS.
  • I can't make it work with android.

Then I step back a little bit.

I have tried to use Jest with react native before but the project stated and timing seem to be too short and have to skip unit "testing".

But now I am ready to tackle the problem again.

I started with small and little cute components and it works!


then I step up a bit and work with "Home" component. It doesn't work YET.

what I have done so far is configuring jest and mock function left and right then I hit the big function which I am right now too lazy to mock. I am looking for cleaner solution rather than mock my way out to freedom.

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Pavel Ermakov

What's the point of the snapshots? You create one, then change the component, which triggers an error next time you compare your snapshots. What are you testing?

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To be honest, the point of doing it right now is for the sake of running the test without error. And that's it. I don't think my on going work will do the proper test very soon.