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What are some tipps when it comes to negotiating for your salary?

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Kevin Woblick

One neat psychological trick is really easy to use and will increase your chances to get a higher salary. Let's say you would like to get 50k / year for your job. When you are asked to state your desired salary, start with "I know you can't pay me 100k / year, but 50k sounds pretty good to me". It works because the future boss will have this absurdly higher number in his head and is more likely to accept 50k, like "well, 50k sounds reasonable".
This trick of starting with a higher salary than you wish for is from the book "Presuasion" of Robert Caldini. This is bound to statistics which have shown that people tend to estimate the length or amount of something higher, if they were confronted with some high number before.

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I was about to point the same hahaha
I'll say that giving a margin could be nice to back your negotiation, let's say using 55 or 60k as a "reasonable" and being able to get a little bit down to your thoughts, after all if they agree on the first time you'll getting this little bit more but if they want to lower it a bit you'll end getting what you want or similar amount

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pandaquests Author

Nice. Never heard of it before

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