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Explain microservices like I am 10 🧒.

pankajtanwarbanna profile image Pankaj Tanwar ・1 min read

I had a best friend👬 . We used to study together, party together and talk together. But one day, he moved to Surat for his job. I was alone😰, couldn't study with anybody, no parties, and no one to talk with as I only had one friend. ☹️

Then, I decided to make three new friends, one who could help me study 📒, one who loved to party🕺 and one who liked to sit around and talk 🤗. One day, one who loved to party was sick but fortunately, I had somebody to study with and somebody to talk to.

That one best friend is Monolith. It's great to have such a relationship but if something goes wrong, it's terrible. My group of three friends is microservices - mitigating the risk around by making friends this way!

So, microservices architecture is always good?
No, having 3 friends may lead to more difficult communication and missing out on a deeper connection.


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When your restaurant is small, there's only one cook, one waiter and one cleaner and they are all the same person.

A better system will be one where the a dedicated waiter focused just on waitering, a dedicated cook who just do cooking and a dedicated cleaner who just cleans and does the dishes.

Micoservices is about splitting responsibilities.


Thanks for your comment. Totally agree. "Microservices is about splitting responsibility" as I divided "studying, party and talking" responsibility among my three friends.