If you could only achieve one thing as a programmer during the next year, what would it be?

papaponmx profile image Jaime Rios ・1 min read

For me it would be reaching 150 customers.

It implies launching my SaaS and making it open source, and improving the browsing experience for the people that I seek to serve.


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Start writing Elixir code using truly OTP architecture. A few months ago I've evolved from Rails-y Phoenix code to context oriented architecture.

Next step for me is truly leveraging BEAM and writing things in an OTP style where it's apps on apps on apps. All the way down. I think it's going to be bonkers and a gamechanger for me.


I would love to hear more about that


I'll write a series of posts here once I get the hang of it and use it in real production settings.


I'm doing the same thing. I'm learning phoenix and I'm writing a couple of posts about it. Currently in draft mode.


I have an idea for an APP (helps pet owners) and I'd like to implement it as a PWA/SPA. It already has a (partially) working API and a very basic Android APP but I had to admit that developing 2 APPS (Android/iOS) is way beyond my timeframe/expertise and the technologies needed (location, notifications) are available in the browers.


Prolly to get a job as a dev. As I've just started teaching myself this earlier this year and while maintaining motivation isn't as tough as I thought it would be the actual material is proving rather discouraging. Once I start to learn something and feel comfortable and confident. I see something that many find to be very simple and I'm struck again with the 1000 yard stare.


Finishing my main personal project and getting more into full-stack JS dev (both count as one thing, given that I need the later to achieve the former) would be nice, if I can gather the required motivation 😂


I would go back to fundamental, there are a lot of things I have to relearn again. A few concepts, and some mathematics. So the goal is to relearn everything, starting point? That would be smalltalk or erlang.


Complete my personal web project\app\service. :) focus,focus,focus (step away from the distractions)


Do something with real-time 3D graphics. In the past I've been part of a graphics engine project as a mod for a game, but due to my knowledge I mainly did HLSL/GLSL and didn't really dive into the C++ code (which I had to, to implement extern parameters). I really want to do something from scratch, especially since I had toyed with an HDR pipeline before, but didn't go through since the core game (and graphics mod) wasn't implemented with that in mind.

I did come with concrete results such as this Lens Flare, though, which I'm pretty proud. If I could code a realistic Earth sim I'd be very proud of myself.


not as a programmer, but as self taught wannabe.
i want to build my own wordpress theme, from scratch
so i can understand everybit of it


huge reach: get paid to do something besides django
marginally smaller reach: actually finish a personal project


For me it's simple: deploy in production an app written in go(lang) even if it's just something that does a simple log file transformation.

That will mean I'm back in programming... after more than 8y in sysadmin :)


For me, I'd definitely want to code my own game during the next year. I'd be so proud of myself even if I was only able to pull off a simple prototype.


Everything. Or is that the equivalent of wishing for more wishes? 😁

Outside of work-related deliverables, I'd love to make a meaningful contribution to some OSS C# project.


I think getting an app together. Either native using Swift or using Flutter.


Learn Haskell and code an app with it and Elm.