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Jaime Rios
Jaime Rios

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Solving my own problem with Software

TLDR : I made a mobile-only, PWA.
Link to the app ➡
Link to the repo ➡

Hey guys, this is a short post, just to let you know that I just launched a PWA that solves a very personal problem.

The problem

When I go to the gym, three situations coincide:

  • I use an app that allows you to use pounds or kilograms but not both.
  • My gym uses pounds for machines and kilograms for dumbbells.
  • Therefor I need a way to constantly convert units from pounds to kilograms.

Now, let us explore the alternatives:

  • I could do it mentally, but I will not too lazy for that.
  • There is an app, but I don't want to see commercials, neither use 25 MB for such a simple app space on my device, nor want to see commercials.
  • Just Google it, I could but that means turning on the mobile data. That seems trivial, but I start to get notifications from social apps. The problem is that they induce me train for more time than I should, and make me more prone to injuries due to bad form.
  • There is a website for that. Kind of, but they are not fully responsive not PWAs.
  • Create a PWA connected to the cloud in order to track your own trainings. I didn't think of that at the time thinking

The solution 🤓

Use my knowledge and make a PWA with these features:

  • ️Bidirectional KG to LBS Unit Conversion 🏋️‍
  • Dark Theme as default 🌑
  • Screen reader tested 🔉
  • No User tracking 🔍
  • No Ads 📈
  • No 💩
  • Open source 📚

The tech stack

  • Hosted on Netlify.
  • Create React App as a boilerplate.
  • State management with React Hooks and Context API.
  • Styled Components.

Link to the app ➡
Link to the repo ➡

Cheers guys.

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katieadamsdev profile image
Katie Adams • Edited

Love this. Remember my first commercial project was overhearing my peers at an animal shelter not being sure how to display photos on the reception TV and easily update them, whilst also having a ticker tape at the bottom. Cue me learning PHP to develop a Content Management System that allows them to update a webpage, displayed on the TVs native browser!

papaponmx profile image
Jaime Rios

Yes, that feeling is awesome. Is your CMS still alive?

katieadamsdev profile image
Katie Adams

It is indeed! I get the occasional email with requests to update a font or a colour but now they seem to be incredibly self-sufficient with it. Sometimes I'll check the link of the web page and see what animals are currently in the shelter. :)