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5 resources you can use to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by building projects

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1 - by @wesbos

This is the course I'm currently taking and I love it.

It contains 30 projects that will help you learn JavaScript better and faster

You'll get the HTML and CSS file so you can focus only on the JavaScript part if you want to

2 - by @frontendmentor

This is the best platform you can use to practice your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills

How it works👇🏻

1.You choose your challenge

2.Then you code the design

3.Lastly you submit your solution so you can get feedback from others

3 - @freeCodeCamp projects

At the end of each section, they give you some projects you can build

5 of them are with HTML and CSS -

And another 5 of them are with JavaScript -

4 - by @chrisdixon161

This is a free series of fun JavaScript, HTML, and CSS projects

What you will build👇🏻

-Tip Calculator

-Running Tracker App

-Guess the Number

-Music Player App

And more

If you already learned the basics, this is perfect for you!

5 - by @florinpop1705 and @traversymedia

Sharpen your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills by building 50 quick, unique and fun mini-projects

You'll learn👇🏻

-Flexbox, CSS animations, custom properties

-DOM manipulation, events, array methods

And more

The end

I hope found this useful and if you did please let me know. If you have any question feel free to DM me on Twitter .

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Great list. I would also add this youtube tutorial on html css. You will build your own portfolio website at the end, which is quite handy if you are starting out and don't have a portfolio yet.

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Abayomi Ogunnusi

Thanks for this wealth of information

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