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How do you fullstack?

patarapolw profile image Pacharapol Withayasakpunt 惻1 min read

Especially if you are a one-man team.

I also wanted to ask how your personal project involves multiple men, but let's ask that later...

How strongly typed should it be between the layers?

What about the actual validation between the layers?

Do you monolithic, or multiple functions? Again, security between the pieces?

What about the database? How did NoSQL (MongoDB Atlas, for example), become RDBMS? (Where I see it as much safer and feature-rich, and aggregation frea)

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Iā€™m interested to see what other people have to say and suggest. I just started learning backend, taking Codecademy pathway which is node,express,SQL,postgres stack. But Iā€™m a solo developer at the hobby level. I think simpler should be better?