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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

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When your JAMstack goes beyond Static, what your hosting of choice?

Do you,

  • Use their serverless functions
  • Use non-hoster's serverless functions
  • Host monolithic server

Do you use multiple hostings at once?

Or, do you even "use JAMstack hosting", or host as full stack?

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Pranav Karawale

I prefer Vercel if my JAMstack app goes beyond static. I do use their serverless functions and they have surprisingly fast cold starts. I use Firebase for database and storage and Vercel for hosting and functions.

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host a monolithic server

I mean when you put it like that I hate to admit it πŸ˜… but yeah, deploying a small, containerized app that serves static pages and JSON is my preference for this kind of situation. You lose the "free hosting" benefit, but it's the easiest way to avoid having to do cross-origin stuff.

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I just use Vercel because serverless functions Just Workβ„’. I believe Netlify has support for serverless functions but I can't really find much on it, so I just use it for purely static stuff.

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Frank Lewandowski Here is a good list of the state of the art Services.. I'll go with Netlify and Firebase.. But it depends on the project.. Functions on Netlify are AWS Lambda without the need of an AWS Account.

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James Sinkala

I use Netlify with their serverless functions, which according to Netlify are AWS lambda functions simplified. I used Firebase at first for data storage but in time switched to FaunaDB, firebase's bundle size was too much for me.

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David is a great option too IMO.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

They said they allow anything, but free tier is limited to Static?

Google App Engine offers generous free tier, with automatic Nginx setup, so it is quite cool IMO.

Even better than Heroku free tier, where Dyno sleeps after a while. Not to mention that SSL + custom domain doesn't exist in Heroku free tier. (but I did find a way to circumvent that with Cloudflare.)

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Yeah, the free tier is only static. It's like combining the simplicity of Netlify/Vercel and the DB hosting/cron/docker powers of Heroku.

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Matheus Luz

I'm surprised I haven't seen any AWS Lambda mentions. Is vercel that good?

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Nebojsa Radakovic

I invite you to check this post from Bejamas (yes, I am working for them).Linke: + it comes with a free comparison tool as well. Hope it helps.