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I Earned Over $4000 In 4 Months on Medium

My Medium Journey with JavaScript in Plain English, and how I ended up earning over 4000 USD in 4 months

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Time flies so quickly and One month went so fast. Last month I have wrote an article about how reached 2200/month after 3 months of my medium Journey.

How I went from earning $0.55 to $2,200+ in 3 Months

_My Medium Journey with JavaScript In Plain

“It is impossible for me to remember how many days or weeks went by in this way. Time is round, and it rolls quickly.” ― Nikos Kazantzakis, Saint Francis

Today, I would like to discuss my journey of the fourth month with a lot of ups and downs and what I learned and improved as a writer in the month of February.

If you missed my previous article let me introduce myself and How I ended up in the medium.

Like everyone else, I started my Medium journey by reading different blogs. I bought a Medium subscription in July as I was restricted to read more stories.

When I joined Medium I had no intentions of trying to earn money from Medium and honestly speaking I had no clue about the Medium writing program. Crazy right?

I was an Angular Developer for X years and wanted to change my career so I started exploring the latest trends in Frontend Technologies. I started preparing for different questions and Medium was helping me to go through different topics in depth. After 35 days of preparations, I was able to get my dream job as a Senior Consultant in One Company.

One day suddenly I came across one topic about someone’s journey of earning some amount from the Medium and it motivated me to write and share my research and experiences about topics that most interviewers ask in Angular Interviews.

This was the first article I wrote in Medium. (Note: I have recently changed title)

Advanced Angular interview questions you must prepare in 2021


I have received 1 view/day after posting this article. I was so happy after seeing that someone is reading my article.

After writing one article, I started researching how I can share this article with others and how I can enhance my views and basically make more money.

I have read a lot of articles so I got the idea of which kind of the content reader wants to read and which motivates them to read my articles. I started with my Interview Questions and I started writing about different topics such as the basics of Angular, Optimization, and Performance Techniques.

9942 views/day on January 15

When I got $0.55 USD in my bank I have decided next time I will make more for sure.

My first-month earnings:

One day I got contacted by one publication to publish my story to their publication. After publishing the story my views got increased and I found a new way to improve the views by publishing stories to publications.

I started writing more and more which helped me to learn and adapt to different styles. Next month I earned $120.98 and then went to $670.71.

Below are different month’s earning details:

To know the tips and How I started writing, you can check my previous article.

How I went from earning $0.55 to $2,200+ in 3 Months

_My Medium Journey with JavaScript In Plain

Today, I would like to focus on what I did differently to get 1500 earning in Feburay month. There was a lot of up and downs but I keep myself motivated and reached my goal.

1. Cross-posting

I recently heard about this term and it is basically publishing your article to the other websites.

You might ask, Why do we need to do that? From what I understood so far is different people follow different blogging websites in order for them to read your content or expose your material it is better to publish to 2–3 famous blogging websites according to the subject.

First, consider cross-posting unique content by making slight adjustments to your existing post. This way you will have two versions of articles. You can mention canonical link or where the article originally published in their post settings.

I found it helpful to post my content to and hashnode and I got a decent amount of views in a month there too.

2. Twitter

Yes, Twitter is one more platform where I took lightly. I was using Twitter to share my blog's link but was not focused on interactions and reaching out to more people. This month I did the following things.

1. Engaging with more people.

You can check out my Twitter.

2. Exposing a small amount of content to my tweets

3. Using proper tags while tweeting

I found the website very helpful while selecting tags.

3. LinkedIn and Facebook groups

I have continued to post my articles to Facebook and Linkedin groups and it helps me to expose my articles to more audiences.

For Example, I was writing about JavaScript and Angular so I was posting in the below groups and pages.

To know the tips and How I started writing, you can check my previous article.

How I went from earning $0.55 to $2,200+ in 3 Months

_My Medium Journey with JavaScript In Plain

4. Writing more and more.

We cannot define success by just writing some stories and waiting for them to be successful. I believe writing more and more not only helps me to improve my writing but also helping me out to reach more audiences.

In the month of Feb, I have written 25+ stories on medium and cross-posted 15+ stories on other blogging websites.

So what you are waiting for?

“Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now.”Jonatan Mårtensson

I would like to thank JavaScript In Plain English, and Sunil Sandhu for guiding me and supporting me in this journey.

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