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How do you deal with burnout and depression?

patrickcurl profile image Patrick Curl ・2 min read

I'm a freelancer and struggling. I've been doing fullstack Laravel since 2013. Part of my burnout is boredom. I want to move to something exciting like Blockchain, or robotics but lack the skill set. I've been playing with Rust and Golang just to do something different than normal "crud" development.

I want to launch a side project but second guess every idea I've ever had (sometimes when I'm nearing launch) afraid to launch and failure to launch are my modus operandi at this point. Because of anxiety, burnout, and depression I haven't had a freelance client since September and have a GoFundMe page up just to try and keep power/internet running this month.

I'm desperate but just the thought of contract work makes me panic, I thought I'd have the time or mindset to launch something in the downtime but instead, I've gotten more depressed and anxious.

I'm 41 so maybe there's some "mid-life crisis", but I'm also the average age of most "successful" CEOs of startups, so I guess now's as good a time as any to start.

Working on things I find impactful makes me forget my depression, so maybe a passion project is what I need, but haven't found a way to get that to pay the bills (maybe start a non-profit to get some funding for it?)

How do you cope when you're feeling at the end of your wits, and lately "brain fog" has been a huge issue as well, I'm not sure if that's depression caused or if I had covid-19 and didn't know it. I think the latter truthfully as I was sick in April when the wife and kids were at my sister-in-law's. I thought it was allergies but I haven't felt "right" since.

Anyone else going through anything similar?

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Mode by Maven

I have honestly stepped away from coding for about a week. I have to at times but I can "feel" when I am ready to get back into it.

I read this today, hope this helps:

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Patrick Curl Author

Thanks, checking it out now. I think my biggest thing is with everything political going on in the world, I want to do something that has a purpose and not many options to do that and put food on the table... but if I ever figure that out, i'll be happy as can be (I hope).

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Mode by Maven

That's exactly how I feel. How can one really help from home and be able to enjoy the work at the same time?

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