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Paurakh Sharma Humagain
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Beginner Python tips Day - 07 Counter

# Python Day -07 - Counter

# useful dict subclass for counting it's elements
# element can be a string, dictionary, or keyword args

from collections import Counter

string_counter = Counter('aasddhhssdhdhdd')

# Prints Counter({'d': 6, 'h': 4, 's': 3, 'a': 2})

# Prints [('d', 6), ('h', 4)], the most common elements
# with element and element count tuple

# Prints ['a', 'a', 's', 's', 's', 'd', 'd', 'd', 'd', 'd', 'd', 'h', 'h', 'h', 'h']
# all the elements

# Prints 6, count of element d

# Prints 0 as there is no element w

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