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Kubernetes Tutorials, Resources, and Courses.

I am too active on LinkedIn and I always share posts on DevOps and about other DevOps tools. Since Kubernetes is really making it big in the DevOps community, I thought to share some useful resources related to ‘Kubernetes’ here.

First of all, for the people who don’t know where Kubernetes comes into the picture, here is my small opinion,

So, Why Kubernetes?
The Docker adoption is still growing exponentially and more and more companies have started using it in Production. It is important to use an orchestration platform to scale and manage your containers. Imagine a situation where you have been using Docker for a little while, and have deployed on a few different servers. Your application starts getting massive traffic, and you need to scale up fast, how will you go from 3 servers to 40 servers that you may require? And how will you decide which container should go where? How would you monitor all these containers and make sure they are restarted if they exit? This is where Kubernetes comes in.

Here you go, the list of useful Kubernetes resources,

  1. Fundamentals of Kubernetes:

  2. Learning Docker and Kubernetes by Lab

  3. Learn DevOps: Advanced Kubernetes Usage:

  4. Learn Kubernetes in Under 3 Hours: A Detailed Guide to Orchestrating Containers:

  5. Kubernetes Blog:

  6. A Tour of the Kubernetes Source Code Part One: From kubectl to API Server:

  7. Kubernetes Tutorial to deploy a load balanced, multi-container application to multiple Kubernetes environments on GKE:

  8. Google Cloud Platform — Community:

  9. Advanced Kubernetes Objects You Need to Know:

  10. How to move from single master to multi-master in an AWS kops

  11. Implementing Advanced Scheduling Techniques with Kubernetes:

  12. Step by step guide to setup a multi-region Kubernetes app:

  13. Top 10 Kubernetes tips and tricks:

  14. 50 Useful Kubernetes Tools:

  15. Using secrets in your application:

Share if you know any links (resources) about Kubernetes:)

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Joe Hobot

Resource: K8s the hard way, that is the part where you really want to know about K8s