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Right Resources to Master JavaScript

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Well Okay so there is no good place to start learning JavaScript I will try to keep this post updated let's dive in

1] Learn How JavaScript and browser Works resource will be
"Namaste JavaScript Series" from YouTube by Akshay Saini link

Watch the whole series because it is the simplest explanation.

2] Now Go to FreeCodeCamp Complete " JavaScript Algorithms and Data-Structures " Section. It is the Best Place to Practice your JavaScript skills + you will get a CERTIFICATION.

3] Now You are Good ( 6/10 ) in JavaScript and you can easily get a job at this point (Junior).

4] Go to MDN Docs MDNDocs Complete " Intermediate " and " Advanced " Section. You will be ( 8/10 ) in JavaScript.

5] Finally Go to FreeCodeCamp but this time Complete " Coding Interview Preparation"

Now you are ( 9 / 10 ) in JavaScript and have the ability to build anything.

6] If you feeling overwhelming WATCH "JS Conf" Videos on YouTube

Another thing Practise Practise and Practise

I am on Step 4 right now. Anyone who wants to join this path Join The slack Channel.

NOTE: This channel will be only to discuss what we learned so for so we will complete this journey because often times we decide to do something but we never complete

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Conrad Klek

Namaste JavaScript was hilarious and informative thank you