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New pricing plans make Payload CMS free for personal use

We are announcing new product tiers—most exciting of which is that Payload CMS now offers a free Personal plan

The Payload team has taken every piece of feedback to heart since we launched. We're elated with the positive reception overall. One recurring topic has been making Payload more accessible to individual, developers; we want Payload to be an easy choice for portfolio sites and individual projects. With that, we're announcing the brand new, free-forever Personal tier.

Every solo founder is faced with a ton of decisions—most critical of all is how to best use capital. We made one decision easy. Our personal plan is a completely free option for users to have a fully featured, headless CMS, on an individual basis.

One major benefit of using Payload is the developer experience. We wanted to extend that all the way through, including the pricing model.

Pricing Philosophy

As a self-hosted CMS, Payload doesn't have any business in how many user roles, content types or API requests your app handles. We don't want to take away functionality from solo developers. So, we’re launching a new and totally free Personal plan for individual developers that places absolutely no restrictions on what Payload features you get. It’s perfect for portfolio sites, personal projects, or APIs that will only ever have one admin panel user.

Building on that, the Team tier gives access to the admin panel up to five users. For larger teams we have the Pro option that removes the user limits entirely. With Pro, you can add as many users to enjoy the authoring experience as you wish.

See our pricing page for all the details.

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mohamedhadia profile image

sorry if this out of context, but I like ur design language A LOT .
do you follow any common design systems or that's your own ?

jmikrut profile image
James Mikrut

Hey mohamedhadia, thank you for the compliment! We are very particular about our design language, but we do not follow any of the bigger design systems. We've written it from scratch. In addition to Payload, I run a design studio called TRBL that specializes in that sort of thing!

mohamedhadia profile image
mohamedhadia • Edited

Nice!. the studio design language is amazing as well. reminds me of cuberto