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Peter Benjamin (they/them)
Peter Benjamin (they/them)

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How do you keep up with Kubernetes?

Photo courtesy: Senior Airman Meagan Schutter

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A colleague recently asked me how I manage to stay current with Kubernetes and the greater ecosystem?

As I was dumping a wall of text, I realized that this list is not aggregated anywhere else outside my RSS reader.

So, I decided to open source my list 😅

Side Note: shout out to Feedly which allows you to add almost any URL to track, from podcasts and YouTube channels to medium publications, forums, and even GitHub repositories. Here is my exported RSS feed for your pleasure!





Do you follow a resource not listed here?
Share it and I will add it to the list and give you a shout out 🎉


  • Update #01: Added "Updates" header & added the Kubernetes Feeds for Feedly under Miscellaneous.
  • Update #02: Added the Slack invitation link.
  • Update #03: Added Joe Hobot's YT Channel. Thanks ✨Joe Hobot✨!
  • Update #04: Added Lachlan Evenson's YT Channel.
  • Update #05: Added KubeTips.
  • Update #06: Added CNCF YT Channel.
  • Update #07: Added CNCF Blog.
  • Update #08: Added more Feedly Kubernetes feeds.
  • Update #09: Added Kubernetes SIGs & WGs master lists.
  • Update #10: Updated PodCTL link & renamed Kubernetes Features to Kubernetes Enhancements repo.
  • Update #11: Added SoundCloud.

Top comments (7)

joehobot profile image
Joe Hobot • Edited

Nice list, here are my k8s videos if you want to add.

As far as how I keep up with it?
I think best resource for me is the Reddit Kubernetes

pbnj profile image
Peter Benjamin (they/them)

Added your YouTube channel. Thank you for your contribution!

joehobot profile image
Joe Hobot

I am thinking to create little pod to serve news on k8s only. Found recently that I could use something like for it. Will keep ya updated. Def a good place to keep this list going! Thank you for input!

hooda profile image
Saurabh Hooda

For those looking to learn Kubernetes here are the community-curated and recommended tutorials:

@peterbenjamin: can you please have a look and give us a quick feedback? Thanks.

walidshaari profile image
Walid Shaari

I have a GitHub CKA/CKAD curated resources and trying to keep it up-to-date with the help of awesome contributors.

karthequian profile image
Karthik Gaekwad

Thanks for this list! There's also a good amount of Kubernetes videos and classes on linked learning:

pbnj profile image
Peter Benjamin (they/them)

Awesome. I didn't know about that. But it seems that most, if not all, these courses & videos are paid resources. My goal for this list is to aggregate & promote resources that are free/accessible by everyone.