Simplest way to deploy a Flask app

Hi !

I wrote a simple Flask app using flask and sqlalchemy which run pretty well on localhost but I would like to deploy it. The problem is that I don't have any clue on how to deploy it..

Could somebody explain me the simplest way to deploy my Flask app?

Thanks !

I'm on Windows

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I had the same problem when I deployed my first Flask app. To approach the problem, I created a very simple small application, and worked through the kinks until I got it deployed in a way I was happy with. Only then did I move to deploying my full application.

I documented the process in this blog post. Perhaps it will be some help.

You will need a WSGI server. Have a look at this tutorial. It shows you how to deploy a flask app using Nginx and uwsgi.

Flask's own documentation give you a few deployment options.

You can try Heroku's free plan:

You might also take a look at Netlify. It's a well documented tool for deploying side projects quickly and even beyond:

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