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GitBook: my Dev Moleskine.

Today I want to show you a very useful tool to write documentation and organize code annotations or links: GitBook.

As you can imagine, GitBook is a Git's spin-off with a pretty UX and based on similar concepts of Git. It has a free layer and is possible to create an account using the same Git credentials.

GitBook tool is oriented to be used for dev teams to write and delivery app docs through the so-called spaces, a set of pages that automatically generate a TOC index and include a search field. Premium version allows teamwork, integration with Slack and other powerful features.

I use GitBook as my personal dev Moleskine notebook, writing any code snippets, annotation, etc, in a space named, guess how, CODE. Also, I use it to store article's links that I found in coffee breaks and I'll read later or I want to store it, course mostly DEV articles.

What other things do you use it for?

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