Ideas for front-end project crazy think :D

Hello, again guys!

I have a domain called , and need ideas to make a cool thing.

Dont want a normal thing, need a really crazy idea, not so much complex on that at the first stage.

Post your idea! :D

Many thanks,

Pedro Cruz --->

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Hey, you can make a front end resources site and the UI can be designed like a city or something (a street maybe), and the different houses can be subpages or resources archives DOM city (?).

Let me know if you need some help with the prototyping and stuff

yeah, i was thinking the same, and some persons told me that as well. But, visually, i dont see that very well... If you have 100000 dev tools (or links/documentation, that kind of think), you will have 100000 builds from a city ?

Need to explore more. But thanks mate, you have my contacts on my website ;)

It's simple; you use the GitHub's stars as the discriminating factor. Repositories with the most stars will have sky scrapers and unknown ones will have a hotdog stand.

It's a cool domain for an AR/VR related project. The first thing that comes to mind is something similar to Minecraft.

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