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Live Animations

some screenshot

Hey there!
Well, im working in some random stuff that came to my mind after watching this video.

My goal is:

  • Open the link on any browser (Client A)
  • Start rendering a default Animation
  • Get a "room" id/key
  • Open the link in another browser, a phone for example (Client B)
  • Write down the "Room id/key"
  • Once the room is validated, show some controls to change color, speed, animation, whatever setting i came up with.
  • ???
  • Profit!

My architecture plan is going to be something like this:
Architecture Diagram

For now, I only have a brief example and POC of the JS Animation + Animation change event (based on an input event listener).

You can try it for now in here

Right now there are only two animations:

  • Starts (which is the default)
  • Drops

You can change them by pressing S for Starts and D for Drops.

If you want to follow the progress, get involved or publish some features requests here is my github repo

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