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Last year I went full freelance webdev, after some years of corporate employment. It was a very busy and creative period of my life full of learning, and I really wanted to update my old site with my newly obtained skillset. Unfortunately due to this whole covid-19 situation, I really had to hurry to get this site done to be able to put it into use.
So my point is, it's beta, I'm still refining it.

Check it out HERE
For comparison here's the old site.

It's a Gatsby site, using Contentful as CMS. I know it's a bit cheesy but I must admit, I took the idea for the vertical menu from Riot's Valorant.

Have at it dev.to!

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Very nice! I tried to get Gatsby to work twice and always hit some weird point where it'd mysteriously stop working even if I reverted code (I ended up continuing with my hand-coded main page with a blog in Jekyll, which was less fun, but also easier to get out the digital door), so I'm pleased to see that you got so much working so smoothly; makes me think round-3 might be worth the trouble...


Gatsby can break at a thousand places, so that sounds like everything was in order :D For example even this page broke at some point due to the models being changed in the cms, but a cache cleanup withgatsby clean usually puts things back into place.


Ha! Very true. It was over the summer, so I forget what I tried, but it was long enough each time to decide that I needed to learn a lot more to make it work effectively. One day, I'll go back to it, since using React to deal with the layout is too compelling to ignore.


Really love the graphics(?) you've used in the carousel section with front/backend etc. I've been very curious as to how people make these cool assets, I almost always just grab something off of freepik or unsplash. Would be awesome if you can provide some insight on what the learning process was like and what kind of resources you used to learn!


Yes! I've also just grabbed it from some free image provider. The artist disclaimers are yet to come though.


Looks good ... the old website is already nice, the new one is really fresh & original. Gatsby, nice, I was also considering that to overhaul/redesign my site.


+1 Gatsby — just following their tutorial and you have a production ready content site in no time 😅


I've been using Gatsby for almost half a year now, so it's not like it just came out and I dazzle in it :D I think it came out a year ago or so.


It should come up as a kind-of loading screen, but it fails when it loads too long. Still working on it ^^


Wow great improvement. Looks great!

I also redid my personal website recently if you want to check it out



This is amazing! I love these Bulma styles, so clean and crisp. I really should have used something like this instead of tinkering XD Great site!


Very nice and clean implementation of the menu. Great sites overall. Keep it up! 👍


The LinkedIn hyperlink is not working, but this looks really fresh


Wow thanks! Oh god, it should start with http:// to avoid this kid of redirect but it's like:

<a target="_blank" href="www.linkedin.com/in/richard-lenkovits">LinkedIn</a>

Thanks for catching the bug!


Really simple and fresh. Liking it!