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Survival package (not just) for devOps newbies

Welcome to your company!

Landing at a big software corporation can be tough, especially if their onboarding process is outdated - which often is!- along with their unmaintained wiki pages and workflow documentations. Discovering domain secrets is an exhaustive task by itself. The least you need is troubles with general things like coding and communication.

I'm going to share some tools that I regularly throw at newcomers at my place. I hope it can help others as well.

Design Patterns

Not strictly DevOps related, but it can come in handy, especially if you're a Bootcamp developer and you didn't have a lot of software design classes. SourceMaking is awesome, make sure to check out their articles about antipatterns as well!

Linux Basics

A good grasp on Linux systems is key at any software job these days. Linuxjourney is a beautifully designed informative site that helps you understand all the basic concepts.
For detailed command-line help, I suggest the-art-of-command-line by Joshua Levy

Bash Scripting

Bash is an awesome language. It's super powerful and super permissive - consequently super dangerous if you're not sure how to do things in a safe way. Knowing good boilerplate is essential.

Art of biases

Making decisions about software can be difficult, but I've learned that knowing the most common biases can protect us from harmful patterns, general management mistakes, sometimes even from technical debt. That's why this site is awesome. Careful with this one for example. This deserves a whole article.

International communication

You might end up being puzzled by the behavior of your colleagues if you've never been exposed to their culture. This tool of hofstede-insights can come quite handy to decipher some differences.

Just some Less infographics

Large scale scrum is the way these days. I had to include it.

How others do it

It can be really useful to look at other companies' blogs and see how they do stuff. For example, I really enjoy Riot's tech blogs, check it out.

One for the fun

Which is your company? Elaborate in the comments!


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Juan Manuel Vallejo

Good list of resources! Bookmarked :)

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Eyad • Edited

The picture at the end is brilliant! Especially the Microsoft box.