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Periklis Gkolias
Periklis Gkolias

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Has anyone used Eclipse Che? What are the main pros and cons you encountered?

It recently got into my attention as I am trying to find a cheap and steady web ide solution to have an identical environment from many machines.

The current best solution one is to setup Theia IDE in one of my servers but looks like things like security and access control are not in their immediate interest and there is no out of the box solution for that.

So Eclipse Che (SaaS version) might be a good alternative.

What are your thoughts?

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Anton Kosyakov

Hi, TypeFox is using Gitpod ( to develop Theia IDE:

It should be available soon for self-hosting. Feel free to get in the contact with them:

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Periklis Gkolias

Thanks for the insight. Not sure if this will meet my pricing though. Will it take care access control of the instance? Or should I do it myself?

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Jan Keromnes • Edited

Hi! Maybe I'm missing something here, but if what you really need is:

a cheap and steady web ide solution to have an identical environment from many machines

couldn't you use the service directly? It's totally free, steady, and allows you to configure any environment you like via YML config files and/or Dockerfiles.

Plus it works out of the box, with hosting, security and access control already figured out for you.

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Periklis Gkolias

Gitpod is a great solution, indeed. Even though the 8 or so euros per month are a reasonable amount of money to pay, if you are serious about the tooling you use, the 100 hours capping are not.

Thats why I prefer to self-host in a cheap VPC.