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150 followers? Maybe you'll see this...

Lately - it seems like there's just way too much content - and well, we understand why no one sees anything we right!

But SOME people have... and since you hit that 'follow' button - you must have seen something we wrote that spoke to you.

So ---

We want to just tell it to you straight:

There are a few spots left in our March session of Design for The Web.

We promise the best web design/development education there is --- and if you know anyone who wants to get into the field - as fast as possible - with the most in-depth and fun education - with the most human and personal support...

Then please -

take 2 minutes to pass it on.

You can even get paid. Because - fuck Facebook. We'd much rather give you the money.

Our current group is very diverse - but we will be giving priority to women and people of color for these last spots.

That's all!!!

Just asking for help saving the world.

Future you will benefit from a world with more properly trained designers and developers.

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