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Black Future Month

Want to change the world?

The internet / The Web - is the worlds most powerful communication platform.

It's also a huge mess.

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Have you tried to file for unemployment? Pay a parking ticket? Find the hours for your local public pool?

Did you stand in a line for hours to vote? Did you see those laughable voting booth computers?

Have you called the police? Heard the answering machines? Tried to pay your credit card?

Attempted to get healthcare? Find a doctor?

Try and apply for a job? Try to use your mobile-banking app? Gone to the DMV? Seen our jails?

It's fucking bullshit. It's almost impossible to navigate - for even the most educated. Think about how many average people are being disenfranchised!!!

"Ooooh. I want to work at Google" 👎

People say the want to work for FAANG? Google thinks they can teach UX? They produce hell-holes - and then teach people how to use them to answer phones... because your human body is less expensive than a robot. They just want bodies staring at screens - and their only business model is to sell your attention.

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They are trying to turn you into horse-people to answer telephones and become "IT Technicians."

"Tech" is just the new corporate hierarchy. And they want to put you in the basement.

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Don't fall for it.

We need DESIGNERS and THINKERS - to actually design a better world... and that might just start with web-design and web-development education.

It can be YOU.


YOU can design a better system.

We know it. It's a fact. If you are stuck in a poor-man mentality - or you don't think you're "book smart" - or terrible at math - or just don't feel like you can do it... you're wrong. YOU CAN. We know you can.

The job of a designer -- the job of a programmer - is to have empathy - and compassion and humanity. It's not to binge leetcode.

No matter your age or background -- if you're alive - then we designers like you To DESIGN things.

If you want to be a developer / change the world / make a better life / and make a bunch of money --- YOU just have to do it.

Let us show you how.

Don't fall for the ITT tech and Trump university style "Coding" boot camps.

You've got to choose what you want. Success? or a lie.

Vet the school - don't just "hope" it's decent

There's a lot of high-pressure sales teams out there. Make up your own mind.

Step up

Design a better future.

We can help you do it.

We worked really hard to try and get the barrier of entry as low as possible. Check out what we're doing at Perpetual Dot Education. It's serious business.

Wield the power of The Web

Do it now - before they turn us all into horse-people.

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