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Vue training? learn Vue super well / super fast? Yes please...

perpetual . education is a design/programming school. We like to be part of the discussion over here at / We have time-slots for free conversations for career advice IRL : )
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Ok. So - we are in no way officially affiliated with - but @sheriffderek used to get private mentor sessions from Jeffrey and is a big fan. He's a wonderful person and a wonderful teacher.

The thing is - that anyone can just say "I'm a teacher"... but Jeffrey has been teaching all sorts of stuff for a long time - and he's kinda like the most unsung celebrity and we don't get it.

How many teachers do you know that have this much info on Ember.js and now Vue.js ? Embercasts, Emberschool, Vuecasts... so many amazing videos!!!!!!!!!!!

It's crazy. He's touched so many people's lives - so, when something like happens... you just know - it's going to be A+ and worth 10x the price.

So - we're just making this post to say WHAT THE FUCK: IF YOU WANT TO LEARN VUE - and you want to learn it better and faster than everyone else... (in 8 weeks) - for (way too low of a price, Jeffrey) - then just fucking do it already.

Vue is fun. This class is the best there is: and if you don't understand HOW INCREDIBLY VALUABLE THAT IS... then you are doomed. Seriously?

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