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I'm looking forward to seeing what the community comes up with for this contest across all categories, but especially for Wacky Wildcards. You can get pretty dang creative here. I'm a fan of this Profile Readme where you can actually play chess (powered by GitHub Actions).


Brilliant! Truly defines Wacky Wildcards 🤯


hello Peter @ben @jess if we are participating in groups so every member will get a badge but in the last time dev team given badges to single-member one who submitted project can you guys work on that reply, please


Hey @krishnakakade confirming that every member of a team that submits a valid project will receive a badge.

If we messed up and forgot to award a badge to a team member last time around, please send us an email to yo@dev.to and we'll get it rewarded properly!

last time we are the third runnerup in Dev hackathon I did project with @itshally she didn't receive badge yet


Ohh yeah, when this feature rolled out to everyone, I came across a lot of these innovative ideas of using Github actions..... kinda jealous of them for creating something so sick 🤘


I was totally amazed when I found out that GitHub Actions can let you do that!
It inspired me to make a Sokoban game driven by GitHub Actions:
Thank you so much! 😃


Oh sweet! Didn't know something like this was possible with Github Actions 🤯

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