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How to find a wifi password you've saved on your Mac

Occasionally I'll need to find the password for a wifi network that I joined ages ago. Maybe it's because I'm meeting a friend at a coffee shop who needs the password, or I want to join from my phone, or I just want to be double-sure before telling someone else.

I had previously assumed the info would be hidden somewhere in Network Settings. No luck. After searching there, I eventually stumbled upon the quick/easy solution that I'll share here.

Assuming you're using a Mac, simply open up Keychain Access.
Keychain Access

From there, you can search for the network name.
Keychain search view

Select that entry and hit "show password."
show password option

You'll probably need to provide system access, but then you should be all set.

Hope this quick-tip helps save you some frustration the next time you need to find a saved network password!

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Ben Halpern

I'm pretty sure your iPhone passwords sync here too. This is extra convenient.

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Mac Siri

PSA: Git also saves your GitHub credentials on OSX Keychain.