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Why did you start QuizBoot? What problem is it solving either for you or for someone else?

I started QuizBoot because i felt i could put my brain to work while socializing through which i would be learning a new thing. This is what lead to QuizBoot.

The problem it solves for me is the ability to socialize and learn new things from different people perspective.

It also provides the ability to make quick assessments either by a school, individual or organizations

How fun was it to appear on Deadpool 2? Is Ryan Reynolds as funny as he looks on video?

DeadPool 2? I never appeared on deadpool 2. Maybe i don't get what you are referring to

How did you get started/introduced to programming? Were you introduced to it or did you pursue it yourself?

I pursued it basically, and still pursuing because as i work daily i learn new things.

Tho my interest was motivated by the hacking movies, i used to see before going to the university.


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What kind of problems (technical or non-technical) do you encounter at QuizBoot?

Hmm, so far the exposure(making people aware of QuizBoot) and getting more people to work with me on the project. Because it started off couple of months back in school as a personal project which i am still the sole developer on this.

Hey Peter, what kind of software do you write?

Hi Ben, i write web applications using Python/Django and JavaScript

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